Nano Phone Future Technology

Welcome to the holding page for Nano Phone.

It is becoming increasingly likely that nanotechnology could influence the next generation smartphone.

The Nano Phone (or Nanophone) might be a bendy phone or shape shifting device:

  • How about a waterproof smartphone (also known as nano-coating)?
  • How about a smartphone that you can wrap around your wrist like a watch?
  • How about a roll out screen that can be adjusted to a size suitable for watching HD quality video?
  • How about being able to project or record 3D hologram video using your smartphone, just like R2-D2 in Star Wars? Text messaging might never be the same again!
  • How about a smartphone that can recharge itself from your own body?

All of this might be made possible by nanotechnology.

If the Nano Phone does indeed become a mass market consumer product, it is proposed that will be used to host a dedicated e-commerce website to sell such devices to consumers.

Business proposals for this idea are welcomed, so contact Nano Phone today if this is something that might interest you or your company.